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Join the VPSA Family!

At Valor Protection Security Agency, our foremost priorities are safety and professionalism. Enlisting in our team entails joining a closely-knit family that upholds values such as integrity, teamwork, and unwavering dedication. Our unwavering commitment lies in delivering exceptional security services while nurturing an inclusive and supportive workplace culture. If you are driven by a passion for aiding others and aspire to effect positive change, we encourage you to submit your application today and commence a fulfilling career journey with us. Together, let us collaborate towards shaping a safer and more secure world for all.

Safety Officer Benefits! 


Career Development

Valor Protection Security Agency offers career development opportunities including training, mentorship, and advancement within the company. We value continuous learning and growth, supporting employees in reaching their career goals and contributing to the team's success.


Work-Life Balance

At Valor Protection security agency, prioritizing Safety Officers' work-life balance is essential. This approach aims to create a supportive and positive work environment for officers to excel in their roles while also having time for personal pursuits and relaxation, ensuring they feel valued and respected both on and off duty.


Cool Perks! 

  • Weekly & Competitive Pay

  • Paid Mental Health Restorations Days

  • Massage Reimbursements

  • Flexible Scheduling 

  • Team Outings 

  • And More! 

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